Learner FAQs



How do I create an account?

  • Click “Create Account” found on the top right corner of the home page.

  • Complete the form to create a new account.

  • Reminder: Create only one account in this learning management system.

How do I log into my account?

  • Navigate to the home page.

  • Click on the "Log in" link in the upper-right corner of the screen.

  • Enter your username and password into the text fields.

  • Click the "Log in" button.

How do I edit my account?

  • Click on “My Account” in the top banner on the left.

  • Once on the “My Account” page, click the “Edit” tab to make updates or changes.

How do I edit my mobile number?

  • Navigate to the Sutter CPD Portal.

  • Log in to the portal.

  • Click on the "My Account" link at the top left corner of the page.

  • Click on the "Edit" tab" at the top of the page.

  • Click on the "Mobile" subtab.

  • Edit the mobile phone number (not required, but highly recommended).

  • Select a country.

  • Click "Confirm Number."


Forgotten Username/Password

How do I reset my password?

  • Follow the prompt “Have you forgotten your password?” given when the incorrect password is entered OR

  • Click on “Log in” and click on “Request new password” OR

  • Click “Register” and choose “Request new password”.



How do I search for courses in my specialty?

  • Search under “Catalog table” and refine for category, format, or sell price.

How do I register for a course?

  • Click on the course and then click on the “Register” tab.


Course Information

Will a course save my progress if I need to step away and return to it later? 

  • Yes, it will automatically save your progress.

How do I return to a course I’ve already registered for and resume it?  

  • Under the “My Account” tab click on “Course”.

  • Click the course as appropriate.

  • Click “Take course”.

  • Click “Resume course”.



How do I download my transcript?

  • Select the “My Account” tab click on Transcript.

  • Download a PDF of completed, pending or external credit activities.

How do I go to see my credits from past courses?

  • Under the “My Account” tab click on Transcript.

  • Choose “Completed activities,” “Pending activities” or “External credits”.

  • Credits from past courses can be searched by title or within a date range.

  • Transcripts can be viewed, downloaded, or printed.

  • How can I download a certificate?

    • Under the “My Account” tab click on “Transcript”.

    • Click “Certificate” for any course as appropriate.

How do I add external credit awarded outside of the organization?

  • Log in to the Sutter CPD Portal.

  • Navigate and click on "My Account".

  • Click the "My Activities" tab.

  • Click "External Credits."

  • Click "Add Credits”.

  • Type in the Course name, Date Completed, and Credit hours. A certificate may be uploaded.

  • Click "Save."

  • External credit entered appears on the page. The data may be filtered by date or downloaded as a PDF.


Technical Questions

Which Browser should I use for the Sutter CPD Portal?

  • Sutter CPD Portal with most modern web browsers (e.g., Chrome, Internet Explorer, MS Edge, Safari).  Please note that all functions of the portal will not work on Internet Explorer.  It is advised that you use one of the browsers mentioned above.

Do I need to have Adobe Reader to participate in courses?

  • A PDF reader, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, will be required to participate in some courses.

Can I participate in CE on a mobile device? 

  • Yes, however; Icons may appear smaller or different on a phone/tablet. Videos played back may need buffering depending on your internet speed and connection. Click the course as appropriate.

What should my computer setup look like?  Do I need a webcam/microphone/speakers?

  • Instructor-led, interactive classes require a microphone if students wish to ask questions verbally. Pre-recorded classes do not require a webcam or a microphone but require a speaker or headphones.


Help Resources

  • For questions relating to an educational activity listed on this website, please email your local CME Coordinator.  You may also email the CPD Team directly at: SHSO.CPD@sutterhealth.org
  • For technical support please contact: SHSO.CPD@sutterhealth.org.  If the CPD Team cannot resolve for your we will create a service ticket and escalate to the EthosCE Support Team.


Planner FAQs



How do I create a course/activity?

  • Click "+ New" menu link.
  • Click "Course."
  • Fill in required fields and configure course shell as desired. Note that any tab (vertical and horizontal).  Fields marked with a red asterisk are mandatory.
  • Click "Save."

How do I add faculty to a course/activity?

  • Navigate to the course.
  • Click the top "Faculty tab." If only one faculty tab is present, then the current user does not have permission to manage faculty, or the faculty feature may not be enabled.
  • Click "Add faculty."
  • If searching for an existing user, type the users first or last name into the "User" field.
  • If adding a new user, type the email address into the "Email" field.
  • Select a faculty role and optionally a faculty form.
  • Click "Send form."

How do I add a course object?

  • Navigate to your course
  • Click “Course Outline” from menu
  • Click the dropdown menu item "- select object -" and select a course object.
  • Click "Add object."
  • Click "Save outline." 
  • *NOTE* - You MUST save outline for your course object to be added the outline.

How do I enroll learners in a course/activity?

  • Navigate to the course
  • Click the “Enrollments” tab.
  • Click “Search and Enroll.”
  • Enter the learner’s name or email and click “Apply.”
  • Check the checkbox next to the learner’s name.
  • Click “Enroll user."
  • Click “Confirm."

How do I take attendance in a course/activity?

  • Navigate to the course
  • Click the “Enrollments” tab.
  • Enter the learner’s name or email and click “Apply.”
  • Check the checkbox next to the learner’s name.
  • Click “Mark user attended" or "Mark user not attended."
  • Click “Confirm.”

How do I locate a course/activity?

  • Click the wrench (“Manage”) in upper left-hand corner to open the admin menu.
  • Click “EthosCE Admin.”
  • Click “Manage Content.”
  • Type the course title in the “Title contains” field and click “Apply.”
  • Click the course title in the results.

How do I clone a course/activity?

  • Navigate to the course.
  • Click the “CLONE” tab.
  • The cloned course shell will appear. Configure settings as desired.
  • Click "Save."
  • *NOTE* - Cloning a course will clone over most course objects.  Please review message displayed to review which objects are cloned and update as needed. (e.g. – dates for cloned course)

How do I add media to a course/activity?

  • Navigate to the course.
  • Click the "Course outline" tab.
  • Add a Warpwire video course object.
  • Click "Settings."
  • Click the "Warpwire video" tab.
  • Under Warpwire media click the "Add media" button to add a video.  This will pop-up a new browser open to your Warpwire media libraries.
  • Select the Warpwire media library that you wish to add a file to.
  • Click the plus sign on the upper right-hand corner of the page.
  • Select one of the options for uploading media.


Creating and Editing Content

Can I copy/past content into the Sutter CPD Portal?

Yes.  Copying and pasting content into the portal is possible.  However, there are some best practices to follow.

It is recommended to use a Text Editor like Wordpad, Notepad, or TextEdit for pasting content into the system. If the content is in a Microsoft Word document, there is additional formatting that may not translate well when rendered in a course or basic page.

  • Copy content (from Word, an external site, or other document program).
  • Paste the content into a text editor like Wordpad, Notepad, or TextEdit.
  • Be sure that the file is saved out of the text editor program as .TXT (plain text format) and not .RTF (rich text format).
  • Copy content from the text editor and paste into the field in the system.
  • Use the WYSIWYG editor to stylize content.
  • To add extra spaces between lines of text press shift+enter.

How do I edit content?

  • Navigate to Manage Content view.
  • Click on the “edit” link next to the content.
  • Save when finished editing.


  • Navigate to content landing page, for example a course landing page or basic page.
  • Click on the "EDIT" tab.
  • Save when finished editing.


Learning Groups

How do I create a learning group?

  • Click “+ New" menu link.
  • Click “Learning Group.”
  • Type in "Group name" and "Description."
  • Type in a "Path" to create a URL path for the learning group.
  • Under "Group Visibility", select the the privacy option for the group.
  • The default setting is "Public", allowing any user the ability to join the group.
  • If the group is set to "Private", users must be manually added to the group for group access.
  • To change the learning group’s styles (fonts, colors, etc), the Custom CSS field may be used. Knowledge of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) would be useful to implement styles to the learning group.
  • Click “Save."

How do I add members to a learning group?

  • Navigate to the learning group.
  • Click on "Members" in the left navigation.
  • A list of Members with filters will appear. Members may be edited or removed from this view.
  • Click the "Add Members" tab.
  • Search for a specific learner to add using the filters, or bulk select members in the list provided.
  • Click "Add Member" button.
  • Click "Confirm."

Managing Users

How do I find a user?

  • Click on the wrench (“Manage”) in upper left-hand corner to open the admin menu.
  • Click “Manage Users.”
  • Search by Role, Active status, E-mail, Username, or Full name.
  • Click “Apply” to execute the search or filtering. Once search or filter is applied, results will appear in a table.
  • To remove a filter, simply delete the data entered into the filter field and click "Apply" again.
  • *NOTE* - To download the list of users, click the "CSV" icon at the bottom of the page.

How do I find a user transcript?

A transcript is defined as the list of all activities (live and enduring) completed by the learner.

  • To view the learner's transcript:
  • Find a user.
  • Click on the "view transcript" link.
  • All of the learner's completed activities will display, along with any credit earned and a link to download a certificate, if a certificate is available.